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Trading Platforms

Huatai USA offers a number of fast, secure and reliable trading platforms with English and Chinese interfaces, and API connections for the high frequency and Algorithmic traders. Now, Huatai USA supports CQG Desktop, CQG QTrader, CQG Mobile, CQG Integrated Client, CQG API.


Download  (Qtrader, Integrated Client)

If client is planning on using CQG Desktop

please contact us at            CQG Tutorial

Pricing Comparison

≤$75 monthly connection fee

CQG Desktop

Offers​ trading, market data, charting, and analytics all in one easy-to-use product that can be customized to meet your trading needs. WEB-BASED, NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE!

CQG Qtrader

Includes analytics, charts and multiple trade execution interfaces in one comprehensive solution.

 >$500 monthly connection fee

CQG Integrated Client

Provides traders with innovative trading interfaces complete with accurate global market data, professional analytical tools, and advanced order routing.

Feature Comparison



Offers trading and data distribution for order execution and market data platforms, applications, and proprietary systems, and provides Direct Market Access to more than forty-five exchanges through our worldwide network of co-located CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways


CQG Mobile

CQG for iOS and CQG for Android give you on-the-go access to quotes, analytics, and trading. 

Don't see your trading solution here? We are constantly working with software developers and hosting providers to offer our clients the latest in trading systems. We encourage you to contact us if you use a platform that is not listed here.

Please call at (833) 213-0635 or  

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