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Huatai group of companies is focused on providing an integrated one-stop financial platform to both Chinese and global investors across multiple product lines and services among stocks, derivatives, OTC, asset management, investment banking, international commodities imports/exports, and basis trading. 


Huatai Futures Co., Ltd. (Huatai Futures) is a leading futures clearing brokerage firm in China with 9 branch offices in cosmopolitan cities and 41 sales departments across China. Huatai Futures ranks in the top among 150+ FCMs in China.


Huatai Securities Co. Ltd. (Huatai Securities) is a top broker-dealer in China listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange (601688. SH) and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (6886. HK). Huatai Securities has one of the largest securities brokerage businesses and comprehensive asset management businesses in China’s securities industry, with a network of 270 branches located throughout China. It ranked No.1 in terms of brokerage trading volume of stocks and funds in 2020.

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