​BrokerageGlobal Exchanges

As one of a few Chinese futures brokerage firms with a US presence, Huatai USA has the resources and ability to facilitate futures clearing and execution services on most global exchanges (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, ICE US, ICE EU, COMEX, EUREX, SGX, HKFE, etc).                                                                SEE MORE

Asset Management

With a well-known Huatai brand in China, Huatai USA facilitates high net worth Chinese investors to invest in US CTAs, CPOs, and Hedge Funds.

​BrokerageChinese Exchanges

In partnership with Huatai Futures Co., Ltd., Huatai USA assists clients with futures clearing and execution services on domestic Chinese exchanges (SHFE, DCE, ZCE, CFFEX, SSE, SZSE).       

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Focusing on clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, Huatai USA provides business consulting services for clients in global markets.


Huatai USA offers a number of fast, secure and reliable trading platforms with English/Chinese interfaces, and API connections for the high frequency and Algorithmic traders.